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"Try to find solutions to a global society at your own level from your own neighborhood -- and in your own microcosmos." - Manu Chao

This is where I keep a track of my inspirations to remind myself of the different colors in the world. Just for me to brainstorm and keep writing.

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Do children always make a good decision in governing when they take control? Do they always know what’s best for them? Is it better to give them authority in decision making for their own learning environment?

To explore such questions, this episode presents different stories : Middle-schoolers participate in an educational workshop at Reagan Library to experience firsthand responsibilities as a decision maker in politics; a skeptic high-schooler talks with an expert and attempt to get a convincing explanation in climate change; students at the Brooklyn Free School decides everything on the rules and discipline in their school. 

"When she came into the school five years ago, Malia (a student, age 15) was scared to say what was on her mind. Over the years, she’s learned to speak up, and she’s seen that lead to change. She admits the meetings can be boring and frustrating, but she takes the authority she’s given by the school very seriously. All the kids do.Malia feels bad for adults, she said, because they can’t just call a meeting and take a vote at their jobs, or wherever, to fix something that bothers them. I get that. Once you’re grown up, democracy is not so pure.”

- Jyllian Gunther, on Act Three.